Here you will find all the key information on settlement if you are a Capacity Provider.

EMRS Settlement Calendar


EMRS Settlement Calendar provides a schedule of when payments for Suppliers, CFD Generators and Capacity Provider will be invoiced, when payment is due, and if applicable, the Settlement Date and the Settlement Run.

EMR Settlement Calendar 2024/2025

Revision: 1 Date of Publication: 25.03.2024

EMR Settlement Calendar 2023/2024

Revision: 3 Date of Publication: 25.01.2024

EMR Settlement Calendar 2022/2023

Revision: 6 Date of Publication: 09.08.2023

EMR Settlement Calendar 2021/2022

Revision: 3 Date of Publication: 22.06.2021

EMR Settlement Calendar 2020/2021

Revision: 2 Date of Publication: 27.03.2020

EMR Settlement Calendar 2019/2020

Revision: 1 Date of Publication: 22.03.2019

Key Payment Figures


This document sets out the main rates and amounts used in the calculation of payments under both the Contracts for Difference (CFD) and Capacity Market (CM) schemes. For example, it includes the Interim Levy Rate for the CFD scheme and Weighting Factors for the CM scheme.

Key Payment Figures for 2024/25

Revision: 4 Date of Publication: 04.04.2024

Key Payment Figures for 2023/24

Revision: 10 Date of Publication: 26.01.2024

Key Figures for Payments 2022/23

Revision: 14 Date of Publication: 28.09.2023

Key Figures for Payments in 2021/22

Revision: 14 Date of Publication: 28.09.2023

Key Figures for Payments in 2020/21

Revision: 11 Date of Publication: 02.03.2023

Key Figures for Payments in 2019/20

Revision: 7 Date of Publication: 09.02.2022

Key Figures for Payments in 2018/19

Revision: 12 Date of Publication: 28.09.2018

Capacity Cleared Price Adjusted for UK Consumer Prices Index


Capacity Cleared Price (CCP) is adjusted for UK Consumer Prices Index (CPI) for T-4 and T-3 Auctions only.

This must be calculated no later than three months before the commencement of the Delivery Year. CPI adjusted CCP is calculated in pounds per MW and is the price at which Capacity Payments are payable in respect of Capacity Market Units (CMU) for the Delivery Year. This is detailed within the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014 (as amended).

The table below illustrates the CCP adjusted for CPI for Delivery Year from 1 October 2023 to 30 September 2024:

Auction Clearing Price* CPI Adjustment Multiplier** Adjusted Capacity Cleared Price***
2014 T-4 £19,400.00 MW 1.308300 £25,381.03 MW
2015 T-4 £18,000.00 MW 1.278541 £23,013.73 MW
2016 T-4 £22,500.00 MW 1.275621 £28,701.47 MW
2017 T-4 £8,400.00 MW 1.252733 £10,522.96 MW
2019 T-3 £6,440.00 MW 1.218571 £7,847,60 MW
2019 T-4 £15,970.00 MW 1.193988 £19,067.99 MW

*As stated in the Final Auction: Results T-4 Capacity Market Auction 2014, Auction Results: T-4 Capacity Market Auction 2015, Auction Results: T-4 Capacity Market Auction 2016, Auction Results: T-4 Capacity Market Auction 2017, Final Auction Results T-3 2019 and Final Auction Results T-4 2019 for these tables it’s been converted from £ per kW to £ per MW.
** “CPI” means the UK Consumer Prices Index (All Items) published monthly by the Office for National Statistics or, if such index ceases to be published, such other index as may replace it.
*** As stated in the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014 (as amended) to calculate the price in pounds per MW.

G17 – Capacity Provider Payments illustrates a worked example of Capacity Cleared Price (CCP) adjusted for inflation in Appendix 4.

Non-payment Register


On behalf of Electricity Settlements Company (ESC) we publish the Capacity Market Non-Payment Register in relation to the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014, as amended.

Capacity Market Non-Payment Register sets out the names and details relating to Suppliers and Capacity Providers who have not paid an invoice under these regulations by 5:00 pm on the payment due date.

You can also view the Capacity Market Credit Cover Default Register which contains details of Suppliers who have entered Stage 1 or Stage 2 Credit Cover Default, available on the Settlement Data for Suppliers webpage.

Capacity Market Non-Payment Register

Revision: 1 Date of Publication: 22.03.2024

Capacity Volume Register


The Capacity Volume Register (CVR) will be published from 10th to 20th Working Day inclusive after the end of the month in which a System Stress Event occurred.

The CVR lists all the CMUs’ over or under delivery positions from a System Stress Event with the aim of facilitating Volume Reallocation amongst CMUs. It also includes the following for each Settlement Period in the previous calendar month which was a System Stress Event and in respect of each CMU:

  • The capacity delivered by a CMU (i) during the Settlement Period (j), (E);
  • The Adjusted Load Following Capacity Obligation (ALFCO);
  • (if any) the Initial Over-Delivery Volume (IOD);
  • (if any) the Initial Under-Delivery Volume (IUD);
  • The Aggregated traded Capacity Market Volume (ACMV); and
  • The adjusted metered output (AE), which is equal to E plus ACMV.

The CVR will be updated and republished by 5pm daily throughout the window. We’d encourage you to check this webpage to view the latest CVR.

Please note:

  • During the Volume Reallocation window any CMVRNs received between 8.30am-4pm will be reflected in the CVR published by 5pm on the same day.
  • CMVRNs received after 4pm will be processed the following day.
  • At 5pm on WD19 EMRS will publish the CVR with all trades received up to 4pm.

While the Volume Reallocation window is open, your performance during the Stress Event (E) and your DSR baseline will be recalculated if EMRS receives updated data through a later Settlement Run. This may cause changes to your Over-Delivery or Under-Delivery amounts before the close of the window.

The Final Capacity Volume Register will be published Working Day 20. This will include any trades received between 4pm and 5pm on Working Day 19. This will indicate everyone’s positions as at 5pm on Working Day 19, the close of the Volume Reallocation window.

WP48 – Volume Reallocation provides details on how Capacity Providers can participate in Volume Reallocation and the timescales associated with this process.

In the Capacity Market, Capacity Committed CMUs must fulfil their Capacity Obligations during a System Stress Event. After a System Stress Event has occurred, Capacity Providers may use Volume Reallocation if they have under or over-delivered compared to their obligation. This can be done to reduce penalty charges they may face based on their performance during the System Stress Event and provide a mechanism for over-delivering CMUs to receive earlier payments for their excess capacity.

Mock System Stress Event Reporting


The Mock System Stress Event Reporting is to address data quality issues to improve the overall settlement accuracy if a System Stress Event were to happen. This reporting replicates the calculations involved in a System Stress Event. It will help Capacity Providers understand their initial position had a Stress Event occurred and be informed of any issues identified against individual CMUs.

When is the next Mock System Stress Event Reporting scheduled for 2023/24 Delivery Year?

Date  Activity  
13 March 2024  Issue Mock System Stress Event Reporting to Capacity Providers with no exceptions identified and with exceptions identified.


What happens if you have any queries regarding the Mock System Stress Event Reporting received?

EMRS will be available to respond to any queries related to your Mock System Stress Event Reporting during the period 14 March 2024 to 3 April 2024. Please do contact our Service Desk and they’ll assign your query accordingly.

Where can I locate further information on this activity?

Further details about this reporting is available in the Latest Changes section and is directly accessible by the Latest Change – Mock System Stress Event Reporting webpage. This provides information to help support Capacity Providers in reviewing the Mock System Stress Event Reporting received.

Also, we thought it would be helpful to highlight these items: