Our guidance documents help support our EMR Stakeholders in understanding both Contracts for Difference (CFD) and Capacity Market (CM) requirements.

G1 – Guidance Capacity Market Metering

G2 – Calculation of Supplier Demand for EMR Charging

G3 – CfD Reserve Payment Guidance

G4 – EMR Settlement Authorisations

G5 – Supplier CfD Credit Cover

G8 – Guidance Contracts for Difference Metering

G11 – Termination of Capacity Agreements

G12 – Supplier Capacity Market Demand Forecast

G14 – Supplier CM Credit Cover

G15 – CM Supplier Payments

G16 – Supplier CfD Payments

G17 – Capacity Provider Payments

G19 – EMRS Web Portal User Guide

G20 – Capacity Market Metering Statement

G21 – Operational Conditions Precedent (Metering and Settlement)

G22 – Capacity Market Settlement Restart

G23 – EMR Metering Systems Site Testing Selection Process