Working Practices

EMR Settlement Working Practices define the relationships, timescales and interactions between participants and specifies the information or other outputs to be exchanged between them.


WP1 – Overview of EMR Settlement

WP2 – CfD PN Commissioning Proving Calibration Tests

WP3 – EMR Trading Disputes and Non-compliances

WP5 – Supplier CM Demand Forecast

WP7 – CfD Green Excluded Electricity

WP21 – Supplier Registration

WP22 – Applicant and Capacity Provider Registration

WP24 – CfD Settlement Required Information

WP25 – EMR Aggregation Rules

Revision: 12

WP31 – Amending EMR Party Details

WP35 – CM Applicant Capacity Provider Credit Cover Process

WP41 – Late Payment Procedure

WP42 – Supplier CfD Credit Cover

WP43 – CfD Generator Collateral

WP45 – Supplier CM Credit Cover

WP48 – Volume Reallocation

WP133 – EMR Metering Disputes Resolution Procedure

WP134 – CfD Metering Technical Assurance

WP195 – CM CfD Metered Data

WP196 – CM Metering Technical Assurance

WP197 – CM Metering Test