How will we support Suppliers with EMR Settlement?

Once a Supplier has been granted an electricity supply licence, we’ll interact with them by providing support and guidance, for Contracts for Difference (CFD) and Capacity Market (CM), via the following methods:

We’ll support you in understanding the activities against the following regulations:

  • The Contracts for Difference (Electricity Supplier Obligations) Regulations 2014
  • The Electricity Capacity (Supplier Payment etc.) Regulations 2014
* Including any subsequent amendments to these regulations.

What is the Supplier Registration Form?

The Supplier Registration Form confirms the following information:

  • Company registered details (Name, Address, Company Number)
  • EMR Party ID
  • Primary company email address
  • Bank account details
  • Authorised contacts and users
  • Interface to be used in sending backing data

These details enable us to undertake our operational activities regarding settlement, in issuing communication, invoices and backing data. Also, it supports us in establishing the appropriate controls for when requests are made to change registration details so that we can ensure that we are dealing with the authorised contacts in such instances.

Supplier Events

We regularly run ‘Introduction to EMR arrangements’ Supplier events.

Here are links to presentation material from the previous events:

We held a Webinar on 7 September 2016 to provide a more in depth overview of the Supplier Charges in the Capacity Market. You can watch a replay of the webinar on Youtube and the slides from the webinar are also available.

What documents are relevant to me?

Related Working Practices

    • WP1- Overview of EMR Settlement
    • WP5 – Supplier Capacity Market Demand Forecast
    • WP21- Supplier Registration
    • WP24- CFD Settlement: Required Information
    • WP25- EMR Aggregation Rules
    • WP31- Amending EMR Party Details
    • WP41- Late Payment Procedure

Related Guidance you might find helpful:

  • G2- Calculation of Supplier Demand for EMR Charging
  • G3- CFD Reserve Payment
  • G4- EMR Settlement Authorisations
  • G5- Supplier CFD Credit Cover
  • G12 – Supplier Capacity Market Demand Forecast

Related Settlement Data you might find helpful:

  • Key figures for Supplier payments in 2016-17
  • EMR Settlement Calendar