Posted on: 27/03/2024

On the 20 March 2024, the changes to the Energy Intensive Industries exemptions were successfully approved by parliament and the regulations are effective from the 1 April 2024. You can view the Electricity Supplier Obligations (Excluded Electricity) (Amendment) Regulations 2024.

We have updated the Changes to Energy Intensive Industries Exemptions latest change webpage to confirm this has now been implemented.

The following documents have been updated and published on our website.

The Interface Definition Documents (IDD):

  • T-file CSV Format Backing Data
  • E Number Item Definitions

Guidance and Working Practice documents:

  • G2 – Calculation of Supplier Demand
  • G12 – Supplier Demand Forecast
  • G14 – Supplier CM Credit Cover
  • G15 – CM Supplier Payments
  • WP5 – Supplier Capacity Market Demand Forecast
  • WP25 – Aggregation Rules

The Changes to Energy Intensive Industries Exemptions webpage explains to Suppliers the changes being made and highlights any further supporting information.