Posted on: 20/04/2023

We have now launched our designated webpage to explain the EMR Backing Data changes which is located within the new Latest Changes section on our website.

Our Latest Changes section will provide all the upcoming changes in one central location, making it easier for Capacity Providers, CfD Generators and Suppliers to access the information they require.

What is this change?

EMR Backing Data changes aligns the associated data flows structures and is named in line with the actual output from the Settlement System. The CSV backing data format will also be updated to ensure consistency across all backing data formats.

For full details of this change please do visit the new EMR Backing Data changes webpage. The implementation of this change is on the 30 June 2023.

We have sectioned the webpage into four areas to provide a structure to the information provided:

  • Overview
  • Supporting Information
  • Documentation
  • Implementation

Do you have any questions on this change?

Please do contact our Service Desk for assistance if you have a question on this change.

If we receive a number of questions to our Service Desk we will look to publish an FAQ document on the EMR Backing Data changes webpage and also keep you updated.