Posted on: 15/12/2022

To support keeping Suppliers updated, here is some recent updates to CfD Generators expected start dates:

CfD Generator Name  CfD ID Capacity* Original Expected Start Date New Expected Start Date 
Alfreton Solar Farm AR4-ASF-700 19.65 01 September 2023 22 September 2023
North Kyle Energy Project AR4-NKE-610 212 31 October 2024 31 March 2025
Walpole Green Limited AR4-WGL-710 40 31 May 2024 31 July 2024
Sneddon Law Community Wind Farm AAA-SNE-179 37.5 N/A 09 October 2023
Oulton Solar Farm Phase 2 AR4-OSF-700 6 31 October 2023 31 March 2025
Romsey Solar Farm Phase 2 AR4-RSF-700 6.48 31 October 2023 31 March 2025
Yelvertoft Solar Farm AR4-YSF-700 49.9 30 September 2023 31 March 2025

*Initial Installed Capacity Estimate for CfD Unit

A full list of all the CfD Generators is available on the CfD Register on the LCCC website. Also, you are able to download the latest version of the CfD Register.

What other resources might be help to Suppliers?

LCCC publish the Portfolio Dashboard which shows the CfD Installed Capacity profile, number of contracts starting to receive CfD payments and their Installed Capacity, and contracts at different contract stages.

Below is an illustration of the CfD Installed Capacity (MW) and the number of contracts starting generation under the CfD.

These metrics are refreshed periodically as portfolio data are updated.