Posted on: 05/06/2024

After feedback received through our Service Desk, we have established that, going forward, we will be updating the Total Gross Demand for Periods of High Demand and Total Annual Capacity Payments figures at three points within a calendar year:

  • July – figures updated when the provisional schedule is issued prior to the start of the Deliver Year.
  • March – figures updated when the revised schedule is issued during the Delivery Year.
  • January – figures updated when the first annual reconciliation runs post the Delivery Year.

The Key Payment Figures for 22/23 and 23/24 have been updated with the historical values, and we will be updating our 24/25 Key Payment Figures throughout the Delivery Year. Here’s an example:

These are available to download from our Settlement Data. We have also updated our Stakeholder Support for Suppliers (CM) to reflect these changes.

This establishes a clear timeline of when you can expect the updated figures to become available and we hope this mitigates the need for you to raise a ticket with our service desk asking when these figures get updated.

We welcome feedback on this, and please do reach out if you have an idea for a service improvement we can implement.