Posted on: 28/09/2023

The Electricity Settlement Body (ESC) would like to highlight about the change proposal CP373 ‘Delivery Body & Settlement Body Metering Process’ which was discussed at Capacity Market Advisory Group (CMAG) on 21 September 2023.

ESC and EMR Delivery Body have been working closely to define and deliver integrated processes. Together ESC and EMR Delivery Body have recommended the transfer of ownership, roles and responsibilities from EMR Delivery Body to ESC (in the role as Settlement Body stated in the Capacity Market Rules) for the following processes:

  • Metering Aggregation
  • Metering Assessment
  • Metering Test
  • DSR Component Reallocation

You can review the change proposal on the CMAG website, CP373 ‘Delivery Body & Settlement Body Metering Process’ and this webpage also includes an overview of the change, submitted change proposal form and proposed changes to the legal text. In addition, you can view the full agenda and slides from the meeting via the CMAG website.

ESC would like to acknowledge this change supports better facilitation of efficient operation and administration of the Capacity Market:

  1. Creation of single accountability for Metering Obligations to clarify responsibilities with Capacity Providers and to enable quicker resolution.
  2. Simplification of interfaces between the EMR Delivery Body and Settlement Body to remove risk of errors in data transfer.
  3. Ensure data held with a single data owner to ensure integrity of Capacity Providers Metering details.
  4. Removal of administrative workarounds between the EMR Delivery Body and Settlement Body

Benefits for Capacity Providers:

  • Improved customer experience, clarity on Delivery Partner accountability and metering process ownership.
  • Improved access to the Metering Data on Settlement Body Portal as fewer issues due to interface issues.
  • Transitioning Metering Obligations to be submitted post agreement simplifies obligation and reduces customer risk at prequalification.
  • Centralises Metering and Settlement activities under the Settlement Body
  • Introduction of a separate Capacity Market Metering Register (CMMR) for Metering information

Benefits for the Settlement Body:

  • Overall reduced operational cost to carry out Settlement activities.
  • Reduced risk to the accuracy of data used in key settlement processes.
  • Reduced risk of a delay to settle a System Stress Event.

The outcome from CMAG is to recommend CP373 ‘Delivery Body & Settlement Body Metering Process’ to Ofgem this change proposal is implemented. Any further update regarding next steps on this change proposal we will keep Capacity Providers informed.

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