Posted on: 27/06/2023

We would like to highlight to both Capacity Providers and Suppliers about the purpose of the D0357- Half Hourly Metered Data for EMR data flow, as we’ve been made aware of issues currently being encountered.

This data flow can be used within Capacity Market (CM) and/or the Contracts for Difference (CfD) schemes. EMRS use this metered volumes in Settlement as follows:

  • To determine a Capacity Provider’s metered volumes for Supplier Settlement (Non-BMU).
  • Reduce a Supplier’s Total Demand by a proportion of its Energy Intensive Industries (EII’s) customers. A Supplier’s CfD charges is based on its Total Demand less EII volumes.

To support Capacity Providers, Suppliers and Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs), Elexon published guidance to explain how to establish the D0357 data flow setup, so EMRS receives the required metered data.

Here is a link to the guidance: HHDA Metering Solution for EMR.

For Capacity Providers, here is a summary of the various Metering Pathways and the required processes for submitting Metered Data is available on the Stakeholder Support for Capacity Providers webpage. This is detailed in ‘Step 5 – Submit Metered Data’.

If Capacity Providers or/and Suppliers continue to encounter issues or have questions please do contact our Service Desk.

Here are some Frequency asked Questions (FAQs), which should help remove some issues being encountered.

What is the process for getting the D0357 setup to be issues to EMRS?

The process is in BSCP503: Half Hourly Data Aggregation for SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS.

In addition, a summary guidance is available, HHDA Metering Solution for EMR. For Capacity Providers, the process at a high-level is captured on the Stakeholder Support for Capacity Providers webpage in ‘Step 5 – Submit Metered Data’.

How will EMRS know what is for CfD or CM scheme?

The HHDA will not necessarily know which MPAN cores are relevant to CM or CfD, nor does it need to. The HHDA should therefore send the data flow to either the CFDSSP or the CMSSP (and rely upon the arrangements put in place to ensure data is used for the correct purpose). In practice, the CMSSP and CFDSSP have been given a shared Market Participant ID (ESSP), and the same Market Role (Z).

Who is responsible to ensure the D0357 is established?

Capacity Providers using the Supplier Settlement (Non-BMU) metering pathway are responsible for the status of the data flow and should check on a periodic basis from start of the Delivery Year. During the Delivery Year you can use My EMRS to check your daily Metered Data report.

Why do Capacity Provider have to submit metered data to EMRS?

Capacity Provider must ensure Metered Data is in place and submitted regularly to pass Satisfactory Performance Days and Extended Performance (if applicable) obligations, to avoid potential suspension or termination.

Also, having Metered Data in place is essential to minimise any potential penalty payments if a System Stress Event happened.