EMRS Authorised Contacts updates to be implemented on 1 June 2020

We initially contacted EMRS Authorised Contacts in early March 2020 to seek your feedback on the proposed changes to the EMRS Authorised Contacts. Having reviewed the feedback, we can now confirm our intentions and timeline for implementation.

Where possible we have made sure the changes are fit for purpose for EMR Parties whilst ensuring they support the implementation of our new Finance System. For example, following several cases of feedback the Credit Contact is vital for some organisations we made the decision to retain this role.

When will these changes be implemented?

These changes will be implemented on 1 June 2020 which also aligns with the new Finance System. We believe this provides EMR Parties adequate time to make any amendments to existing EMRS Authorised Contacts prior to these changes being implemented. We will of course keep you updated should this date change for any reason.

What changes will be implemented to EMRS Authorised Contacts?

These are the following changes to the EMRS Authorised Contacts:

  • Update the existing hierarchy to include only:
    • Company Emails;
    • Primary Party Authority;
    • Finance Authority;
    • Operating Authority;
    • Credit Cover Contact;
    • User; and
    • Trading Contact (to be used in the event of a Stress Event or Mock Stress Event).
  • The removal of:
    • Finance Contact;
    • Aggregation Rule Contact; and
    • Meter Contact.
  • The permissions of each role will be updated as displayed in Table 2
  • Extend EMR Portal access from just Finance Authority and Finance Contact to all roles except Trading Contact.
  • Late Payment Advice will be sent to Company Emails

An EMRS Authorised Contact will only be able to hold one role. Existing EMRS Authorised Contacts will be mapped in accordance with Table 3 below.

We have identified a small number of EMRS Authorised Contacts currently holding both Operating Authority and Credit Contact roles will lose some privileges as it is our intention to map these contacts to Operating Authority. If this affects you and you wish to be mapped to Credit Contact, then please let us know.

How will this impact EMR Parties with existing EMRS Authorised Contacts being removed?

Finance Contacts, Aggregation Rule Contacts and Metering Contacts will be changed to Users. This will provide those with the following privileges:

  • Gain access to the EMR Portal
  • Receive Aggregation Rule updates
  • Receive information, including Late Payment Advice, Non-Payment Notice, Mutualisation Notice and Credit Default Notice.

Those who are Metering Contacts, we see no effect to Metering activities as you will still be able to interact with the EMRS Metering Team through metering@emrsettlement.co.uk and the ESO Portal.

How do you update your EMRS Authorised Contacts?

You will continue to be able to update your EMRS Authorised Contacts through the existing process in WP31 – Amending EMR Party Details available on the EMRS website.

What are the next steps?

We’ll send a reminder prior and upon implementation of these changes to ensure EMR Parties do make any necessary changes to their EMRS Authorised Contacts.

Upon implementation any associated documents will be updated to reflect the changes being made. The associated documents identified include:

  • WP21- Supplier Registration
  • WP22- Applicant & Capacity Provider Registration
  • WP24 – CFD Settlement Required Information
  • WP31- Amending EMR Party Details
  • G4 – EMR Settlement Authorisations
  • G19 – EMRS Web Portal User Guide

Please click on the image to view.

Table 1 – Existing structure and permissions

Table 2 – Proposed structure and permissions

Table 3 – Current to New mappings