The BM Unit Gross Demand Report attributes to Suppliers electricity they have provided to generators (including storage facilities) operated by Generation Licensees, which falls outside the definition of ‘supply’ in the Electricity Act 1989.

P395 provides a solution whereby BSC systems and processes only include electricity ‘supplied’ to premises by licensed Suppliers, and therefore excludes electricity imported by Generators operated by a licensee for generation activities (i.e. those activities authorised by their generation licence to carry on).

For more information please view Elexon’s ‘P395 ‘Aligning BSC Reporting with EMR Regulations – an enduring solution’ webpage. It is also available to view on Ofgem’s website.

Supporting Information

To support this change, the BSC has amended the BM Unit Gross Demand Report (SAA-I042) to become the BM Unit Chargeable Demand Report. Receipt and utilisation of this data will ensure that EMRS will receive only Chargeable Supplier Demand metered volume where a BMU is subject to Final Consumption Levy (FCL).

EMRS will continue to be jointly supporting the Supplier FCL exemptions for approved SVA supplies with the Elexon Supplier Volume Allocation Group processes. Chargeable demand calculations carried out by EMRS will remain unchanged, as the data received will already exclude the relevant volume for BMUs.

Elexon hosted a webinar to provide further information on what companies need to know in order to benefit from the change. The recording of this webinar, as well as an updated version of FAQs that support this change, are available here – we highly recommend you take a look.


For documentation relating to Supplier Chargeable Demand within EMRS please refer to:

  • G2 – Calculation of Supplier Demand’
  • WP5 – Supplier CM Demand Forecast
  • WP25 – Aggregation Rules


The implementation of this change is scheduled by the BSC on 2 November 2023.