The current permissions structure in My EMRS does not completely restrict which fields certain users can amend within their company registration data. This means the following users could amend the registration details of their company within My EMRS:

  • Primary Party
  • Finance Authority
  • Operating Authority
  • Trading Contact

EMRS has identified improvements to the system. These improvements will increase the control of the appropriate company Authorities over their data, who may amend that, and reduce the time required to verify changes to company registration details.

Supporting Information

This change will require all amendments to be approved by either a Primary Party or Finance Authority. This expands on the current external approval for amendments to Bank Account detail and reduces the risk of erroneous activity within My EMRS.

If any company registration details are amended, My EMRS will send a ‘Request Approval’ email to all the Primary Party Authorities and Finance Authorities listed in My EMRS. This will be restricted so who submitted the amendment cannot also approve the amendment.

This change allows greater flexibility for who can submit amendments in My EMRS and supports the maintenance of registration details on a more frequent basis.


This change was successfully implemented on 10 October 2023.