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1 June 2023

Suppliers are required, under the Electricity Capacity (Supplier Payment etc.) Regulations 2014, to provide a forecast of Gross Demand for the Period of High Demand: 4pm to 7pm on Working Days from November through to February for the 2023/24 Delivery Year. This forecast is used to calculate Suppliers’ monthly Capacity Market Supplier Charge and monthly Credit Cover requirements for 2022/23 Delivery Year.

The email issued to Suppliers will include the following:

  • CSV forecast template to be completed by entering a demand figure for each of the upcoming peak months (to 3 decimal places), saving and attaching this to your reply to the Service Desk.
  • Supporting Instructions (PDF) contains your actual peak demands for the previous two Delivery Years (where available) and further information on completing the forecast.

‘Reminder’ emails will be issued at specified intervals at seven, two and one working day prior to the Thursday 1 June 2023 demand forecast deadline. The demand forecast template and the reminders emails will be issued to the Primary Company email addresses.

Upon returning back your completed CSV forecast templates via email, we do ask Suppliers to provide any supporting commentary within your reply to us via the Service Desk.

Please visit the Stakeholder Support – CM Supplier webpage which provides information on completing your forecast. We also have WP5 – Supplier Capacity Market Demand Forecast, and G12 – Supplier Capacity Market Demand Forecast for further information.

Once all forecasts are received and reviewed, EMRS will look to send Supplier’s their Schedule of Supplier’s Monthly CM Supplier Charges and Credit Cover by the end of July 2023.


1 June 2023
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