For Suppliers, we are including the Direct Debit process in My EMRS as part of the Registration section for new and existing Suppliers. This will make it easier for Suppliers to set up, view or cancel Direct Debits all through My EMRS. This will also make it easier for Suppliers to complete these activities and removes the current paper-based Direct Debit mandate process.

Supporting Information

This change will implement new screens within the Registration section in My EMRS to provide the functionality to register, view or cancel Direct Debits with Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) and Electricity Settlements Company (ESC) which will support Supplier payments to either CfD or CM schemes. This electronic method will make it easier for Suppliers to manage Direct Debits via My EMRS.

To highlight some of the new features and activities available once this change is implemented, we have included the following information:

How can I see my Direct Debit mandate?

Suppliers who register for Direct Debit using My EMRS will be able to download and view their Direct Debit mandate electronically.

Suppliers who registered using the paper-based process will not be able to view their Direct Debit mandate on My EMRS. Suppliers will still be able to request such mandate via the Service Desk.

Can I have different Bank Account details for my Direct Debit?

We do require the same Bank Account details within My EMRS for both the Primary Bank Account and Direct Debit mandate. For an existing Supplier who wishes to register for a Direct Debit, the system automatically applies the Primary Bank Account details in My EMRS.

What approvals happen when registering for Direct Debit?

The governance and approvals already in place for registering for a Direct Debit have not changed, we are just updating how you provide the relevant information to us.

Only an Authorised Contact can add or cancel a Direct Debit on My EMRS and this will also be approved by a second Authorised Contact registered in My EMRS from the same company. Once approved the details will be sent to EMRS for a two-step approval process. After this, the Direct Debit will be sent to the bank to complete the final stages on the process and activate the Direct Debit.

I’ve changed bank account, how do I update my Direct Debit?

Once your new Primary Bank Account details have been approved within My EMRS, you will then be able to register a new Direct Debit mandate. Once the new Direct Debit mandate has been approved you will be able to download and view your Direct Debit mandate if required.

Please note: During transitioning to the new Direct Debit, you will be required to pay invoices manually until you have received confirmation when payments will be taken via the new Direct Debit mandate.

Please also note that Direct Debit mandates cannot be updated by amending an existing one. The existing one will need to be cancelled and then a new Direct Debit needs to be set up.


As part of this change the following documents will be updated to reflect the inclusion of Direct Debit functionality within the Registration process within My EMRS:

Also, additional information will be captured on the following webpages:


The implementation of this change is being rescheduled and a date will be confirmed shortly.