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Metering Test Request, Metering Statement submission and Metering Test Certificate deadline for Refurbishing CMUs in T-4 Auction 2014

28 September 2018


The deadline for providing a Metering Test Request and Metering Statement submission to the Delivery Body for Refurbishing CMUs in the T-4 Auction 2014 for Delivery Year 2018/19. Where a Metering Test is required for a Component within a CMU, a Capacity Provider needs to contact EMRS to request a Metering Test. WP197 – Capacity Market Metering Test provides details on the steps involved in this process.

A Metering Statement, as per Schedule 6 of the Capacity Market (Amendment) Rules 2015, needs to be submitted to EMRS for each Component that triggered the Metering Test.

G1-Capacity Market Metering and G20 Metering Statement Guidance provide further information on Capacity Market Metering. EMRS has hosted a webinar on Metering Processes for Capacity Providers which introduced Capacity Providers to the Metering processes, which included the Metering Statement and Metering Tests and the associated timelines. It provided helpful tips and common issues that Capacity Providers had been encountered with these processes to help future Capacity Providers avoid these issues going forward.


28 September 2018
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