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8 October 2014

The decision on the MRA Change Proposal for both DTC CP 3448 and 3440 are due on Wednesday 8 October 2014.  Once this decision has been received we’ll publish the outcome.

Decision on MRA Change Proposal (DTC CP 3440) for EMR deferred until 8 October

The MRA Development Board (MDB) at its September meeting (25 September) deferred its decision on the proposed new Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) flows for distribution of invoice backing data and other EMR-related reports until Wednesday 8 October 2014.

Why has it been deferred?
A number of improvements to the original change proposal were suggested by ELEXON, SSE Energy Supply and EDF Energy. Rather than approve the proposal with the amendments, or the original proposal without the amendments, MDB decided to re-issue the change proposal with the amendments for a further impact assessment. This would allow participants to be consulted on the amendments, and the original proposal and the improvements to be approved at the same time, rather than having a second release with additional items.

What does DTC CP 3448 include?

The redlining introduces three new data transfer participant roles into Annex A: CFD Settlement Services Provider, CFD Generator and Capacity Provider. Note that the CM Settlement Services Provider role has already been introduced by DTC CP 3431.

The redlining also incorporates the following improvements suggested by parties in their DTC CP 3440 impact assessment responses:

  • Shorten lengths of Data Items J1906 – CFD ID and J1928 – CMU Component ID
  • Clarification of what constitutes a period of high demand (for CM charging purposes) in relevant data item descriptions
  • Clarification of data item descriptions for data items:
    • J1992 – Reference Period End Date,
    • J1993 – Reference Period Start Date
    • J2016 – Surplus Credit Cover
  • New and amended data items on the D0366 Data Flow to ensure that suspended capacity obligations and re-determined over/under delivery payments can be reported correctly
  • Addition of LoC Expiry Date to the D0363 Data Flow
  • Amendment to the valid set of J1964 (LoC Valid) to be consistent with other BOOLEAN data items

Here is a link to the MRASCo website to the DTC CP 3448 is here.

Full details are available within EMR Circular 17.


8 October 2014
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