EMRS would like to provide Capacity Providers, CfD Generators and Suppliers an update on the infrastructure issue we experienced. As of 12 noon on 25 July 2022 we can confirm that our settlement activities are back on schedule and will follow the Settlement Calendar as advertised.

In summary, we can confirm that:

  • Invoices due to be issued on 22 July 2022 have been issued today.
  • Invoices due to be issued on 25 July 2022 have been issued as scheduled.
  • Payments due to be made or collected on Monday 26 July 2022 were processed (e.g. via Direct Debit or BACS payments) on time.
  • Data submitted by SFTP during the outage (16.30 on 19 July – 08.00 on 21 July 2022) may not have been successfully received. If you have not done so already please resubmit any data you have sent during this period.
  • The EMR Settlement Portal is now available.

This will be the last communication on this matter.

Please note that this was a technical issue and not information security related.