Suppliers to receive Capacity Market Credit Cover and Supplier Charge schedule for the upcoming Delivery Year

On the 27 July 2018 EMRS, on behalf of Electricity Settlements Company (ESC), will be issuing to Suppliers a schedule of their monthly Capacity Market Credit Cover requirements and Supplier Charge for the upcoming 2018/19 Delivery Year on 27 July 2018.

The schedule contains the following:

  • A Supplier’s Credit Cover requirements;
  • Monthly deadlines for provision of Credit Cover; and
  • A Supplier’s monthly Supplier Charges.

EMR Circular 163 includes the following:

  • How Credit Cover and the Supplier Charge are calculated;
  • Key dates you need to be aware of for Credit Cover and the Supplier Charge; and
  • What is included in the 2018/19 Delivery Year (the Aggregated Capacity and the Total Capacity Provider payments)?