Posted on: 24/03/2022 Download XLSX

The Strike Price Adjustment calculation spreadsheet for 2022 is now published on the Settlement Data for CfD Generators section on the EMRS website.

Each year Strike Price Adjustments are calculated for the CfD contracts, which then apply from the relevant Indexation Anniversary. The purpose of these adjustments is to keep the Strike Prices aligned with movements in CPI inflation and electricity market charges (if applicable in the CfD contract).

LCCC Strike Price Adjustment Guidance helps CfD Generators understand the series of calculations that result in a CfD Generators Annual Adjusted Strike Price. The document provides non-binding guidance and simplified worked examples of various Strike Price adjustments for Allocation Round 1 (AR1), Allocation Round 2 (AR2) and Investment Contracts. Allocation Round 3 (AR3) projects are dealt with separately in Section 7 of the guidance.