Posted on: 01/08/2014

We held an EMR Interfaces Workshop on Tuesday 8 July 2014, which focused on two areas:

  • to prioritise the automation of the various data flows and notices
  • to receive as DTS flows (or an alternative machine-readable format) so it can be loaded into a system
  • to receive in human-readable (password-protected PDF) format
  • a ‘straw man’ definition of the data items to be included in a new DTS flows for suppliers, CFD generators and capacity providers

The material covered at the workshop is available here which includes the following:

  •  Agenda
  •  Interfaces Workshop slides
  •  Prioritisation Exercises
  •  DTS straw man 1 – CFD supplier invoice backing data
  •  DTS straw man 2 – CFD supplier credit cover report
  •  DTS straw man 3 – CM supplier invoice backing data
  •  DTS straw man 4 – CFD generator invoice backing data
  •  DTS straw man 5 – capacity provider invoice backing data

What have we done with the feedback?

To implement the changes in the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) a MRA Change Proposal has been drafted by us, and sponsored by E.ON. The changes are based on feedback received following the EMR Interfaces workshop.

What are the EMR Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) changes?

DTC Change Proposal 3440 will create data flows and data items in the Data Transfer Catalogue that the EMR Settlement Services Provider can use to distribute invoice backing data and other EMR-related reports to those suppliers and CFD generators and capacity providers that wish to receive them in this way.

DTC Change Proposal 3440 is now available on the MRASCo Change Tracker, here.

What is the Impact Assessment duration?

The MRA Development Board determined the impact assessment duration will be 30 days and a decision for approval will be made at its September meeting on 25 September 2014.

Who can respond to the Impact Assessment?

Both MRA Parties and non-MRA Parties can respond to this Change Proposal.

What is the Impact Assessment process?

To provide an impact assessment on this Change Proposal, please complete the MRA Impact Assessment Response Form contained at the back of the Change Proposal Form. Please email this to [email protected].

When will these changes be implemented?

The proposed implementation date for this change is 26 February 2015.

For more information

Information has been communicated via the following EMR Circulars;

If you have any questions please email [email protected].