Posted on: 14/01/2016

We’ve informed Suppliers that the Direct Debit mandates provided by Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) and Electricity Settlement Company (ESC) have been updated. The updated mandates are as follows:

Please use these versions if you’d like to set up Direct Debits for both CFD and CM payments going forward.

What is the process for setting up Direct Debit?

To set up the Direct Debit please follow these steps:

  • Complete both Direct Debit mandates to cover CFD and CM payments (see attached)
  • Email a scanned copy of the completed signed Direct Debit mandates to [email protected]
  • We’ll acknowledge receipt of your Direct Debit mandates and forward these onto your bank to authorise them to collect payments
  • Once your Direct Debit mandates have been successfully processed your CFD and CM payments will then be collected by Direct Debit

How long will it take to process the Direct Debit mandates?

Once you’ve submitted your completed Direct Debit mandates please allow a minimum of 10 Working Days for processing and for payments to be collected by Direct Debit.

When will the first payment be taken via Direct Debit?

Once your Direct Debit mandate has been processed successfully,the following confirms that:

  • LCCC will notify you five working days in advance of your account being debited by Direct Debit.
  • ESC will notify you three working days in advance of your account being debited by Direct Debit.

This is supported by your invoice indicating if payment will be made by Direct Debit.

Please note: Supplier Credit Cover isn’t supported by Direct Debit.

We have informed Suppliers Primary Company email, Finance Authorities and Finance Contacts as per your current registration details.

If you have any queries regarding Direct Debit please do call 020 7380 4333 or email [email protected].