Posted on: 17/06/2016

We have published examples of the invoices, credit notes, notices and backing data that Suppliers and Capacity Providers will receive at the start of the Capacity Market Delivery Year in October.

What is available?

Example files for Suppliers:

  • Schedule of Monthly Credit Cover and Capacity Market Supplier Charge, which Suppliers will receive by the end of July 2016.
  •  Monthly Supplier Charge invoice for October 2014 and associated backing data in txt and CSV format. This example includes a mutualisation line with the corresponding T Flow backing data.
  •  Monthly Supplier Charge reconciliation invoice or credit note for October 2014 and associated backing data in txt and CSV format.

Example files for Capacity Providers:

  • Monthly Capacity Payment credit note for December 2014 and associated backing data in txt and CSV format.
  • Ad Hoc invoice or credit note, which may be issued to a Capacity Provider if there are termination fees, recovery of capacity payments, or disputes.

For further information, please refer to EMRC88.