ELEXON launches EMR data flows consultation

On 12 February ELEXON launched Consultation on EMR data flows: Potential mechanisms for parties to exchange data with EMR Settlement Systems. As part of implementing Electricity Market Reform (EMR) responsibility for settlement of Contracts for Difference and the Capacity Market with…

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ELEXON publishes draft BSC and Transmission Licence changes

In November 2013, ELEXON published the draft changes to the BSC that are needed to give effect to EMR. Since then we have discussed and further developed the BSC changes with DECC, Ofgem and National Grid. Read the draft BSC…

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Hello and welcome to the EMR Settlement website!

On this website we will help our key stakeholders understand the role and interactions of EMRS within the EMR programme. You can use this website to keep informed about the work we are doing including: the latest consultations news on changes which are…

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