Posted on: 04/07/2022

In June 2021, we successful launched My EMRS which provided a digital platform to manage the registration and details amendment processes. This has provided numerous benefits: a paperless registration process, reduction of manual processes and a real-time view of registration details for Capacity Providers, CfD Generators and Suppliers.

We are continuing to make improvements to our services that makes dealing with EMRS an even better experience, in particular the ability to access your data. We are excited to share with you that in September 2022, My EMRS will consolidate the information currently available on the EMR Settlement Portal in one place for Capacity Providers, CfD Generators and Suppliers. This will centralise your information onto one digitalised platform and supports further opportunities for the future.

The functionality that will be available on My EMRS will include the ability to:

  • View Registration Details
  • Submit Registration Amendments
  • Download Party Data Files
  • Download Metered Data*
  • Submit and view Capacity Market Volume Reallocation Notification (CMVRN)*

*Available to Capacity Providers

Over the coming months we will be providing you with further information regarding the upgraded My EMRS platform.