Posted on: 18/10/2017

EMRS is pleased to announce that improvements to the EMRS website are now live. These changes are focused on the homepage, settlement data and stakeholder support sections of our website.

We have introduced these changes to give you a better user experience and to consolidate existing information on the website.

The improvements are as follows:

  • Homepage: we have consolidated the main menu bar, improved the location of the search bar and given priority to news and calendar content.
  • Settlement data: we have updated the landing page to include each EMR Party role. Each EMR Party role webpage now includes a more intuitive format for the data to be displayed.
  • Stakeholder support: it now provides an interactive process map to show the user the full process for each EMR Party role. The user will be able to click on each stage of the process and review the details required.

We hope these improvements will help EMR Parties, Suppliers, CFD Generators and Capacity Providers navigate through content more easily and that you will find the consolidated information useful.

Tell us what you think

We would love to hear what you think of these changes as your feedback will help us continue to develop the EMRS website and your user experience.

You can provide your feedback by: