Posted on: 19/01/2014

On this website we will help our key stakeholders understand the role and interactions of EMRS within the EMR programme.

You can use this website to keep informed about the work we are doing including:

  • the latest consultations
  • news on changes which are likely to impact stakeholders
  • information that requires stakeholders to review or action
  • your FAQs and the latest developments

You can also subscribe to receive the latest EMR circulars here too. Please note, if you have already registered to receive EMR circulars via ELEXON, you do not need to subscribe again.

We will continue to expand online content to include useful information for generators, suppliers and capacity providers who are participating in Contract for Difference and Capacity Market, and will keep you informed as this develops.

If you have bookmarked the EMR section on the ELEXON website and now visit these pages you will find a redirect message asking you to now go to the EMR Settlement website.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].