Posted on: 28/06/2023

We are fully aware some of our customers are experiencing issues receiving emails from ourselves. This includes the following mailboxes:

Plus, directly from specified individuals within the EMRS Department.

We are working to resolve this issue with our technical support and appreciate the inconvenience this may currently be causing. A couple of tips, which might help in the interim, are:

  • Worth checking your Junk and/or Spam folders
  • Where possible, please work with your IT support to ensure ‘’ email addresses are ‘white listed’ and/or remove from ‘blacklist’.

While we are working to resolve this issue, we would like to highlight the following:

You can use My EMRS for the following activities:

  • Submit Registration & Amendments
  • View Party Details
  • Download Party Data, this includes invoices and backing data
  • Download Capacity Provider Metered Data

Our website might include the information you need:

  • Please do check our ‘Publications’ webpage for Guidance, Working Practices and Inferface Definition documents.
  • If you need the Settlement Calendar, Market Reference Prices, and Key Payment Figures please check the Settlement Data
  • Stakeholder Support webpages might be helpful if you need supporting information on a particular process.

We will update this news item once we have more information to share.