Proposed naming convention for additional BM Units Registered for EMR

On 3 April 2014 ELEXON issued an EMR Circular 2 to inform you of the proposed naming convention for Additional BM Units registered for EMR.

Who does this impact?

  • BSC Parties (and others) who receive the SAA-I014 settlement report need to be aware that it may contain data for EMR-related Additional BM Units, whose BM Unit Id will follow the new naming convention
  • Suppliers and HHDAs receiving BM Unit-related DTC flows (i.e. D0294, D0295, D0296, D0297, D0298 and D0299)
  • Suppliers should be aware that (subject to the outcome of DECC’s recent consultation) the £100/month charge will be waived for these Additional BM Units
  • Suppliers need to be aware that (subject to the outcome of DECC’s recent consultation) registration of these Additional BM Units can be initiated by BSCCo i.e. Suppliers may find themselves the Lead Party of an Additional BM Unit that complies with the new naming convention, without having registered it themselves

What is it asking me to do?

You are invited to return any comments, including any impacts on you and the likely implementation timescales by 17.00 on Wednesday 30 April.

Further information is contained in the circular and its attachment: