Posted on: 25/11/2014

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has published a consultation on proposed changes to the BSC to support its Energy Intensive Industry (EII policy). These proposed changes will place new obligations on Suppliers and Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs). DECC is consulting on two options (A & B) and consequently two sets of BSC changes. The BSC changes will be directed by the Secretary of State and are not part of the normal BSC change processes. You can read the consultation here and the deadline for responses is 21 December 2014.

We are seeking comments, so please email your comments on the following, to [email protected] by 17.00 on Monday 5 January 2015

  • Proposed naming convention for additional Balancing Mechanism (BM) Units registered for EII Assets (Option A)
  • The changes identified to the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) to support the BSC changes, see attachment 1 of EMR Circular 22) (Option B) 

The EII policy forms part of the Contracts for Difference (CFD) EMR policy, and is designed to exempt the costs of CFD payments for eligible EIIs.  For further details please see EMR Circular 22.