Posted on: 10/09/2014

On 9 September the Low Carbon Contracts Company, National Grid and EMR Settlement Services Provider held a workshop to support the industry in preparations for Electricity Market Reform (EMR) Contracts for Difference (CFD):

What did the event cover?

The event is designed to help Generators and Suppliers prepare for the implementation of CFD. As the EMR Settlement Services Provider, we covered the following at the workshop:

  • About our role in EMR
  • Settlement System – Progress update
  •  EMR Interfaces
  •  What is coming up?

Our slides from the workshop we presented are available here. The full slide pack is available on the Low Carbon Contract Company’s website, here, This includes all the presentations from Low Carbon Contracts Company, National Grid, EMR Settlement Services Provider and Ofgem.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].