CFD Generator

How will we support CFD Generators with EMR Settlement?

We will interact with you in providing support and guidance via the following methods:

For those who have been successful in being offered a CFD Agreement and have signed with the LCCC, our interaction will commence once you have met the Initial Conditions Precedent as specified in the contract.  In our first contact with you we will ask you to complete the CFD Generation Registration Form.

What is the CFD Generation Registration Form?

This form will confirm the following information:

  • Company registered details (Name, Address, Company Number)
  • EMR Party ID
  • Primary company email address
  • Bank account details
  • Authorised contacts and users
  • Interface to be used in sending backing data

These details enable us to undertake our operational activities regarding settlement, in issuing communications, invoices and backing data. Also, it supports us in establishing the appropriate controls for when requests are made to change registration details so that we can ensure that we are dealing with the authorised contacts in such instances.

What documents are relevant to me?

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Related Guidance you might find helpful:

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