Capacity Provider

Capacity Provider: Capacity Market Settlement Checklist

Further to the two letters sent on 21 March and 29 June 2016 by ESC, National Grid and DECC, EMRS would like to remind Capacity Providers that we are here to help. We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to ensure a successful first Delivery Year. In order to make sure you are able to participate in this year’s Delivery Year please consider:

Have you registered with EMRS?

  1. EMRS cannot make Capacity Provider payments for a Capacity Provider unless we hold certain registration data, such as company details, contact details and bank details. To register please follow WP22- Applicant & Capacity Provider Registration.
  2. If you need to amend any data held by EMRS please follow WP31- Amending EMR Party Details.
  3. If you are not sure what registration data EMRS holds for you, please contact our service desk on [email protected].

Do you need a Metering Test?

  1.  To apply for a Metering test please follow WP197 – Capacity Market Metering Test. For more information please see G1 – Capacity Market Metering.
  2. A metering statement, as per Schedule 6 of the Capacity Market (Amendment) Rules 2015, needs to be submitted for each Component that triggered a metering test. This must provide details of all Components making up the CMU.
  3. If you need a Metering Test and a DSR Test, you must have passed a Metering Test first.

Do you need a DSR Test?

  1. If you need a DSR Test, EMRS must hold metered volumes for six consecutive weeks. To request a DSR test please email [email protected]. For further information about DSR test process, please refer to DSR workshop slides.
  2. To see what data EMRS holds for you, please email [email protected]. Please check the metered volumes are in line with your expectations, and that the data is complete (no gaps in the data) and accurate.
  3. If you are using the Half Hourly Data Aggregator (HHDA) metering pathway to submit metered volumes to EMRS, the ‘MPAN route’ (via the D0357), you should have already initiated this route (see BSCP503 3.6). HHDAs may submit historic or a bulk set of data to EMRS at their own discretion.
  4. For more information about the different ways you can submit metered volumes to EMRS, please see Working Practice 195 – Capacity Market and CFD Metered Data.

Have you submitted your Metering System Information needed for EMR Aggregation Rules to be created?

  1. EMRS cannot make payments without having Aggregation Rules. You should have received the Aggregation Rules template and guidance from the CM Delivery Body (National Grid). You need to submit this to [email protected] You should allow sufficient time for any exceptions to be resolved.
  2. EMRS will send you a copy of your EMR Aggregation Rules once that have been created. For further information on EMR Aggregation Rules are created, please refer to Working Practice 25 – EMR Aggregation Rules.

If you have any further questions about this circular, please email contact or call 020 7380 4333.


How will we support Capacity Providers with EMR Settlement?

We’ll interact with you in providing support and guidance via the following methods:

What is the Capacity Market Registration Form?

This forms will confirm the following information:

  • Company registered details (Name, Address, Company Number)
  • EMR Party ID
  • Primary Company Email Address
  • Bank Account Details
  • Authorised Contacts and Users
  • Interface to be used in sending backing data

These details enable us to undertake our operational activities regarding settlement, in issuing communications, invoices and backing data. Also, it supports us in establishing the appropriate controls for when requests are made to change registration details so that we can ensure that we are dealing with the authorised contacts in such instances.

What documents are relevant to me?

Here are links to previous stakeholder events and the presentation material:

Related Working Practices

  • WP1- Overview of EMR Settlement
  • WP3- EMR Trading Disputes & Non-Compliances
  • WP22 – Applicant & Capacity Provider Registration
  • WP31 – Amending EMR Party Details
  • WP35 – CM Applicant / Capacity Provider Credit Cover Process
  • WP133- EMR Metering Disputes Resolution Procedure
  • WP195- Capacity Market and CFD Metered Data
  • WP196- CM Metering Technical Assurance
  • WP197- Capacity Market Metering Test
  • WP198- EMR Site Testing Volumes and Selection Process

Related Guidance

  • G1- Capacity Market Metering
  • G4- EMR Settlement Authorisations