Posted on: 20/07/2018

On 20 July 2018, on behalf of Electricity Settlement Company (ESC), EMRS informed Capacity Providers that EMRS documents and processes have been updated to reflect the following changes to the Capacity Market Rules:

  • New (Joint) DSR Tests to avoid unnecessary tests of components unaffected by metering changes (CP244)
  • Extending Metering Test failure rectification plan window (CP300)
  • Update Metering Statement to assist CPs complete Metering Test (CP301)
  • Update Metering requirements for a CMU that is subset of a BM Unit (CP304)
  • Avoid Termination due to System Operator connection non-delivery (CP329)
  • Update ESC permissions to visit generator offices (CP305)

This is following the conclusion of the Ofgem statutory consultation on amendments to the Capacity Market Rules 2014 and the consolidated Capacity Market Rules 2018 have now been published.

EMRC160 provides a summary of the changes and the EMRS documents that have been updated accordingly.