Posted on: 13/12/2019

EMRS, on behalf of The Electricity Settlements Company (ESC), would like to inform all Suppliers that the mutualisation invoices for standstill shortfall have been issued. This follows invoicing on 14 November 2019 for both 2018/19 (£1,005m) and two months of the 2019/20 (£160m) standstill Delivery Years, which totalled £1,165m.

The shortfall, as shown in the non-payment register dated 13 December 2019, now stands at £10.9m or 0.9% of the total amount. In line with the regulations, all suppliers who have paid their first standstill invoice in full will receive a further invoice from EMRS to cover this shortfall.

EMRC196 has been published on the EMRS website and provides Suppliers with further information.