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Implementation for the changes to EMRS Authorised Contacts 2020

1 June 2020


These are the following changes to the EMRS Authorised Contacts:

  • Update the existing hierarchy to include only:
    • Company Emails;
    • Primary Party Authority;
    • Finance Authority;
    • Operating Authority;
    • Credit Cover Contact;
    • User; and
    • Trading Contact (to be used in the event of a Stress Event or Mock Stress Event).
  • The removal of:
    • Finance Contact;
    • Aggregation Rule Contact; and
    • Meter Contact.

How do you update your EMRS Authorised Contacts?

You will continue to be able to update your EMRS Authorised Contacts through the existing process in WP31 – Amending EMR Party Details available on the EMRS website.

Where can I locate further details?

Please read EMRS Authorised Contacts updates to be implemented on 1 June 2020 for full details about the change being implemented.


1 June 2020